Saturday, February 9, 2013

Desire for a selfless need

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”.   These are the famous lines of Mahatma Gandhi. Since time immemorial mankind has testified the validity of this saying.  I too was a firm believer until 1st Feb’13. A small incident forced me to reflect upon the necessity of need in our life.

My husband and I were returning from a movie at 11 PM on 1st Feb’13. The security guard at the township gate stopped us for routine verification as it was late in the night. While waiting for the gates to open my eyes suddenly caught hold of a black (dark) image beside the gate. To my astonishment, I saw a person sitting beside the gate in the winter cold night. It was difficult to identify whether it was a male or female because only the eyes were visible. As we entered the township gate my heart beat started to increase looking at the thermometer inside my car. It showed 5o C. I wondered how a person can withstand the freezing cold in just one blanket.

Those black eyes kept on resonating in my mind. It was very difficult for me to get back home and sleep in my cozy bed with the thought of that person freezing in the night’s cold. I shared my thoughts with my husband and within a fraction of second we decided to get a blanket from our home for the person. As it was getting late we hurried to the gate with the blanket.

To our utter surprise we found that it was a lady who was taking refuge outside our township premises. As soon as we offered the blanket to her, she replied that she cannot accept it as she already had one. Her reply was very shocking as it was freezing outside and she had just one black blanket. Despite our continuous effort to convince her to accept the blanket she refused to accept it.

We returned back to our home with utter disbelief on the entire incident. It was difficult to believe how a person who does not even have a home to live, refuse to accept a blanket as she already had one. She could have very well accepted it and even if it was of no use to her, she could have sold it to earn some money. But her need was above her greed.

If we look back upon the entire incident we will be forced to imagine how beautiful this world would be if everyone shed there greed.  This greed to yearn more is the root cause of corruption in our society.

Undoubtedly we will have enough if it is required only for the need and not for the greed.


  1. Great Start !!! Keep Going !!
    God Bless :)

  2. Good one Kirti..looking forward to read you more :)

  3. Very clear expression of incident & ur thoughts.. with teaching for every body... good job..

  4. It looks some veteran author has written it. Explained your thought/experience so vividly. Really a good write up!

  5. cryatal clear write-up... i found myself at incident place while reading ...

    waiting for ur book whose author is very known to me..

  6. Wow.. what a read. I repent reading it so late.

    Every expression and thought is penned out to perfection.