Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are we ashamed of calling ourselves Hindu?

The present political turmoil in the country forces me to raise the question "Are we ashamed of calling ourselves Hindu?".
The vote bank politics based on religious bigotry played by the elected representatives of our country is posing a great challenge towards the secular image of our country. In order to woo the voters the politicians have made a mockery of secularism. The communal violence in Muzzafarnagar triggered by the hate speech of politicians to woo certain section/caste of society is a recent example of this mockery.

In the present scenario if a person stands up in the praise of Hindu religion then he is branded to be a part of "saffron brigade"and blamed to be a communist.Does mere talking about ones religion makes one communist? This is what 66 years of freedom from british rule has provided us.

India was once noteable for its religious diversity with Hinduism, Sikhism,  Islam,  christianity and jainism among the nations major religions. The predominant religion , Hinduism has been shaped by various historical school of thought, including those of upanishads, the yoga sutras, the Bhakti movement and by Buddhist philosophy.  Hinduism is not a religion in usual sense. It is a civilization based on simple metaphysical insight about the unity of individual and the universe and has self development as its objective. Swami Vivekanand who is known for glorifying the diversity of Hindu religion beyond the boundaries of India mentioned in his speech at world parliament of religion at Chicago,"I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance.  We believe not only in universal tolerance, but we also accept all religions as true".

If today we raise in praise of our religion why are we branded as communist? The lust for power had made us so weak that we no longer take pride in our religious belief.
Development will not come by the triumph of any one religion and destruction of other. Religious unity plays a very important role in the development of a country. Until our electoral representative understand this very basic necessity,  India will burn in the fire of communal violence and the common man will continue to suffer.
We will loose our stand  as a tolerant civilization of the world and become slave to our own religious dogma.


  1. people's representative very well understands the necessity of religious unity for development of the nation. They also understand the importance of communal violence for their necessity. This is democracy.

  2. I agree with your views, but in last it is us we voters who are making fool of ourselves by not voting or voting for pseudo secular like congress and sp.
    I suggest start suggesting and motivating your friends and colleagues to vote for right and get registered for voting.

    as you are new to blogging, a correction : it is communal not communist.
    Communist stand for left wing, Maoist and naxals.
    find me at https://twitter.com/Bhadrajun